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Is there any interest in a SDK users group?
I've seen increased posts and interest in the SDK lately...

I myself have been going deep inside the game development rabbit hole recently and would like to refocus my efforts on Virzoom games and experiences.

Is anyone interested in something like this? A group to.share ideas, tips and tricks, ask and answer questions, etc.

Maybe a discord group? A subforum on this site? An email list? Something else?

Thoughts / interest / ideas / agreements / disagreements?
ABSOLUTELY!! Was just thinking about getting back into toying around with map designs for VR like I used to back in the DK1, DK2, GearVR days specifically for this game. Would be a great excuse to learn more advanced things like controls and cameras.
I am happy to create an SDK channel on our discord for you guys to hang out in. ... Check that I just looked and I already did Wink There is a Dev-SDK text channel and I am happy to make a voice channel if you would like.
Text is fine with me!

Here is the discord link for anyone interested

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