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VZFit at the desk with an elliptical
Hello everyone,

I have enjoyed using VZFit but find that I use it less on my stationary bike as I would have hoped.  I spend most of my day at a desk, and have always thought it would be great to use VZFit with my under-desk elliptical while on breaks.  I am overweight enough that using a stationary bike causes some pain because of how my knees have to bowl out a bit.

I use a Cubii under-desk unit like this:
[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-05-27-at-3-41-05-PM.png]

Unfortunately, there is not enough clearance to place the sensor on the part that rotates, but I noticed that the shaft the pedals hook up to does have a bolt that rotates.  I super-glued a strong magnet onto my sensor and placed it on the rotating bolt.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-05-27-at-3-43-27-PM.png]

[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-05-27-at-3-44-57-PM.png]

This worked and I am now able to use VZ Fit at my desk using the elliptical.  I do not know if the RPMs of the bolt match a similar RPM as if I were pedalling, so I am not sure of the ramifications on the changes to my data.  I was also worried that the magnet may cause issues with the sensor but so far things seem to work well.

I have used a strong enough magnet that it also works well on my regular bike now too attaching the sensor right to the arm w/ the magnet.
Try turning the in game gearing down to 1 or 2, which are adjusted for elliptical. We have similar desk paddlers in the office that the dev team uses for testing Smile

This is the one we have in the office I think:
The VZ Sensor reports rotation rate, so only works correctly if it's rotating 360 degrees. If you mounted to an elliptical pedal that rocks, it will produce sinusoidal rate, which will only go forward half of the pedal rotation. It might be okay if you lower the difficulty a ton and rely on the game's smoothing, but if you could glue it vertically on the cranks would be better. The underdesk elliptical we got luckily had enough clearance for regular mounting.

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