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Bike the Drive Chicago Charity Ride
Distance: 27.8 Miles
GPS Route

This is a 30 mile out and back ride up and down South Lakeshore Drive in Chicago.  This ride is usually done as a charity ride each year on memorial day weekend where they close the roads down open it up to bikers for the day. You can find out more about the charity event at

The route goes with traffic in both directions and there are large sections of it with very light traffic. You start below the city and work you way up past the major city sky line and then turn around.  There where a few out of date images here and there but not bad, and one section about 11 miles in where there was a bridge I clipped through and ended up in blue for about 3 seconds.
Hey Snowpelt. I'm planning on doing this ride in the next couple of days. Do I select ride forwards to do the race as it is meant to be done?
Ride forward will get you started in the right direction. It starts and ends in the same place, switches sides of the road for each half.

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