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Fitness app connection
I just got VZFit today. Awesome so far. Does anyone know if you can connect it to fitness apps and have it track info for workout on app. My bike doesn’t have Bluetooth and I want To store info for distance and miles ect......
You can connect your bike to Strava and track miles, route, etc. there.  As an Apple Watch owner, I just start an indoor cycling workout and it keeps track of my heart rate, active calories, total calories and avg heart rate for the workout...
In addition to Strava you can connect to Fitbit. Go to and see the respective buttons to connect and disconnect them. Let us know if you have any problem!
Awesome! Thank for being so quick. I’ll try it out tonight.
Is there a way to get heart rate data into VZFit? I've just ordered a Polar H9 as my Fitbit Charge 2 sucks at measuring my heart rate on my bike and rower, just loses the connection. Would it be possible to see my heart rate from the Polar belt in VZFit?
It's on our list to show people's heartrate from standard bluetooth devices in our game HUD. But that wouldn't show up with our Fitbit integration, the heartrate you see there is provided separately from your Fitbit device sync.

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