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Stage 20, Tour de France
Distance: 24.5 Miles
Map: GPS Route

We've added Stage 20 from the Tour de France, which the actual riders will be hitting in a week on July 27.

"One day before they hit Paris, riders will face their final Alpine test. This short, 130K stage from Albertville to Val Thorens features three climbs: the Cormet de Roseland, the Côte de Longefoy, and the final 33K (!) ascent to the famous Val Thorens ski resort. The race’s third summit finish above 2,000 meters—a new record—it’s also the last chance for riders hoping to win the 2019 Tour. With so much climbing, and without a late-race time trial, this could be the year where a pure climber wins it all." (

It's broken into Climb 1, 2, and 3 for those three sections. If they're too tough going uphill then ride them in reverse [Image: biggrin.png]

Ride it before then watch the race that day!
I enjoyed these and am glad to know which year's Tour they were from! I figured it was 2019, but I was just going on my memory of watching the Tour, and they do tend to ride similar roads every other year or so.

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