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Explorer forward motion stalled at 46.50935, 12.15117
I decided to try the Explorer again.  This time I increased the difficulty to deal with my motion distress (as was suggested--thank you) and also changed the view so that I was above the rider and both of these helped greatly.  (so far unable to recreate sinkhole reported before)

I had a few issues with one of the suggested rides and tried to get a picture on the Oculus Go, but I can’t seem to switch controllers and get the app resumed and centered before the time limit for the photo.   A feature to snap a photo within the app would help.  When I take the Oculus off to try to write down where I am, the thing often sleeps or closes the app.  (I am a newbie, so I am open to tips here.)

I started the Localita Pian da Lago ride in Italy with a female trainer and changed to the view looking down on a female cyclist.  We crossed a few intersections where the white dots led in more than one direction and each time I picked the road where the trainer went.

The location where I stopped was 46.50935, 12.15117.  Right before this (near the end of the car park), my trainer appeared to be leading me off a cliff.  Right as we went over the edge, pavement appeared below us and a narrow road just ahead of us (rendering delay?).  Phew!  However, now my trainer was embedded in a rock retaining wall, but what a trooper!  She kept pedaling.  ;-) Forward motion for both of us ceased.  I could move left and right by tilting, but not forward by pedaling.

I paused and resumed, changed the views to get my trainer back and she was now no longer in the wall and was able to move out ahead of me, but I was still unable to move forward.  I closed and restarted the app and the issue persisted. Restarted the Oculus and the issue persisted.
Great report Julia. I've added the "3rd person view" tip to our Forum FAQ, thanks for sharing that.

Appreciate you trying to get a snapshot for us, it definitely takes some practice to use the built-in snapshot feature. So far there doesn't look like a way to trigger that from our game.

You can adjust sleep settings for the Go through the Oculus app on your phone. The default is pretty aggressive to save battery life.

From Google maps it looks like that lat/lon is a dead end, so there are no more "dots" for you and our trainer to follow in that direction. At intersections our trainer just continues in the "least turning" direction to make it easiest for you to follow, but she doesn't yet look ahead to know that there's always more road!

The thing you can do in that case is "Reverse Direction" from the Options menu, if you want to ride out the way you came in.

Note that all of our Suggested Rides don't have any major intersections since we don't currently give directions along a ride, but we are looking into ways to give those directions for future suggestions and rides that our customers share.

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