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Yukon, Alaska
I'll start off the reviews section then!

This is the longest of the recommended rides if I recall, and at 93 miles is by far the longest ride I've undertaken. I typically ride for 30 minutes at a time, around 10 miles so this was 8 or 9 trips to complete.

I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 or an 8 out of 10


Minimal distortions, thanks to lots of wide-open spaces.
No traffic at all, I think I counted three trucks on the whole journey!
No freezes, or problems with dots not loading.
The scene changes from bleak, White Walker style winter, to still cold but habitable Wildland territory, with forests replacing snow and ice. Later on there are a few little streams that you ride across as a glorious golden sun breaks through the trees and the clouds.
The gradual change of colour from snowy white, to cold blue-grey to browns to orange yellow over the course of the ride is very nice, it feels like you're migrating from a winter to spring climate.


Aside from the season/colour change the ride is very samey. There were large parts of it that felt exactly like what I ridden the day before, just a slow ride through endless hills, forests with mountains looming. I guess that's because Alaska is really big. And bleak.

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