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Westfjords, Iceland
Distance: 37.8 Miles
Map: GPS Route

The road around Iceland is one of the most famous and beautiful in the world.  This is a section of it, someone should post the rest!
I seem to be going around in circles on this ride. I've spent four days on it and am now back at a large lake I've already been around once before. Today it says resume from 33% but I'm sure I was around 70% done last time. My stat count seems accurate and I think my spins and time on the bike this week are correct but the ride just loops around and around!

Going to attempt 30 minutes on it now and see where I end up...
UPDATE - I've now completed the ride successfully. Not sure what happened with the lake looping twice but finished fine today. Nice ride if you like hills and water. No trees or vegetations though, just miles of barren green and brown hills and tracks.


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