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Strada Statale 51, Italy
Distance: 15.3 Miles
Map: GPS Route

PeteMac found this ride that goes through some little Italian towns.

I did this ride in its entirety tonight and absolutely loved it. As you're cycling through a lot of little villages there is some distortion, but at the same time there are moments when the scenes are rendered incredibly well, and house just pass by fully 3D and almost real. It was the most 3D feeling ride I've experienced, with some excellent depth and perspective accuracy at times.

The scenery is fantastic too, mountains, lots of greenery, sunshine. The village are old rural rustic like something out of Don Quixote, lots of strange triangular-shaped buildings made of stone and wood that looked they belonged to a bygone era. The churches were beautiful too and for the most part passed by in excellent detail.

It's rides like this that make VZFit Explorer my favourite VR title.

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