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Old Military Road, Ireland

This road starts off in a narrow country road with a few distortions, but after about tens minutes or so you get up on to the open moorland. I loved this ride, it's absolutely gorgeous!

The open moorlands look great and there's a wonderful part where after climbing to the brow of a hill you descend down the other side with a large pine forest down below and a wonderful view in all directions. Riding on past that you reach open moorland again and the sunshine is just radiant, lovely summer hues that looked great in the headset.

This might be my favourite ride so far. As an Englander I'm a little biased and think the British countryside is the best in the world and Ireland looks a lot like Dartmoor in Devon a few miles from where I live. If you're a Game of Thrones fan a lot of the Stark land scenes were filmed in Ireland and you really get a sense of it in this ride, it just likes the North and if you came upon Winterfell it wouldn't look out of place.

I intend to do this ride again, and may even go both directions.

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