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PeteMac's Cambridge City Ride
While this ride starts outside VirZOOM's offices, in Cambridge Massachusetts (Our fair city), it makes a beeline for the Charles river and crosses over into Boston. It's really a tour of Boston. You will pass by Harvard, MIT, the Citgo sign, Fenway Park, Suffolk U., Berklee College of Music, the Prudential Tower, the John Hancock tower, the Common, Emerson College, The old state house, Quincy Market, The North End, The TD Garden, The New State House, the Bullfinch (which inspired Cheers) and ends in front of the Public Garden. 

It's good ride to try out City Mode (in the options menu), and see our new Points of Interests system. If you've never been to Boston, and want to occasionally stop to check out the view, I recommend switching to Comfort mode briefly, so the POI labels, and roads will go away and you'll get an un-altered view of the Google streetview image.

This ride is not a good ride to use auto steer with however. There is one glitchy spot about 7% through the ride, and later in the ride there are a lot of sharp turns, which can make you feel ill. 

Welcome to Boston guy! Home to a lot of wicked smaht people and also me.
And I thought it was Cambridge England ... My old home ;-)
"I Love that Dirty Water... BOSTON YOUR MY HOME!"
- My Dad...for real... Original member of the Standells. Smile
This was a great ride. Thanks for sharing it. Smile
The best part is how similar this ride is to driving there.  Cars coming at you the wrong way, me going the wrong way, me closing my eyes in any complex intersection, etc.  Great ride and great city!  (I really do close my eyes at most turns with VZFIT because I still get a bit queasy using VR)

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