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SDK Question
Just for fun, I'm adding VZFit support as kind of an 'Easter Egg' for my VR Disc Golf game.

Easy implementation just as I remember.

The default rigidbody has a mass of 1 KG. But, the first bump I hit, makes me literally start to fly (like ET is sitting in the basket of my bike).

Can you guide me to which settings might need to be adjusted in the inspector to fix this?

Also, another question.

I'm sure this hasn't been looked at, since it doesn't seem like any third-party developers have added your SDK to their games, but I think the 'loading' screen needs updated. My guess is that it is one that was designed for the PlayStation.

It mentions 'turn on your bike' and then later mentions 'press the R button'.

Also, would there be a way to show this loading screen, but on a transparent background so you can still see the game behind it?
Hi Philip!

I assume you have gravity enabled ;-> My guess would be that your player object has a collider that does not encompass its origin, which can cause our downward raycast from the origin to mistakenly report that it's hitting the ground and create a buffeting force. Try setting your collider layer to "Ignore Raycast" to see if that fixes it.

The Special Delivery game on PS4 used our SDK, but it has been mostly used for games built around Virzoom. Our own games override VZPlayer.UpdateSetup and customize VZController.prefab to work with different sensors and allow you to see through the loading screen, like Explorer's new mapparium.

We've talked about the future of the SDK and think it lies in two directions. One direction is making it easier to add VZfit support to 3rd party games not initially designed for it. The other direction is to make our own games more extendable by users, like the way users can share custom rides to Explorer, but to add levels to Play.

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