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Uploaded Explorer Ride doesn't work in Jamaica
I've uploaded a couple of rides from within my home country of Jamaica.  When I went to ride them this morning, I was dropped off in a blue field of nothingness.  Are there restrictions for some countries?
Hey Islareina.  We pull all of the images from google street view, and it looks like there is no google street view data for Jamaca.  If you go to google maps you can click the little yellow guy on the bottom right to show you all of the street view data.  Your looking for blue lines.  Attached is a screen shot of Jamaica.. vs Puerto Rico.  It looks like a lot of those small islands currently do not have much street view data.  

The good news is, as soon as Google ads the images they are available, the less good news is we don't really have a good way to ask them to send a car there for imaging.

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Jamaica does not have Google Street view coverage. Google Street View is what powers your ability to ride through a country.

This is how you can tell if there is coverage (on a PC):
1. Go to
2. Scroll the map as far out as it goes sot hat you are looking at the whole world.
3. click on the little man icon on the bottom right side of your screen.
4. The area lit up in "blue" is where Google Street View is available.

If you search for Jamaica and click on the "man icon" you will see some blue circles show up. This means that there are 360 photos that can be viewed....but they are "points" of interest, not lines or "routes" that you can ride.

I want to go out and create my own Google Street view routes!
Hey thanks for the speedy response and for the tip!  Okay, got it, click on the little yellow guy to see where the streets are.  Maybe I'll take my 3D camera and do my own imaging the next time I'm home.  And thanks for the image, too!  My husband is from Puerto Rico so I'm happy to make a couple maps where I can over there.  Thanks!

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