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VZfit Explorer updates
11/27/2019 changes:

- Fix some hangups by adding timeout period to web calls
- Fixed crash when finishing an "empty" ride
12/2/2019 changes:

- Fixed distance shown when creating open-ended ride
- Also jump trainer over missing Streetview images
- Better handling of network connection dropouts
- Fixed rare crash when button falls asleep
- Fix for sideload build
12/6/2019 changes:

- Fix renaming of KML uploaded rides
- Fix number of help tips
12/12/2019 changes:

- Added miles/km toggle to Options menu
- Avoid rare blue screen at start of rides who's next image is more than 20m away
- Added easter egg system
12/16/2019 changes:

- Fix crash when switching to "km" when there's no mileage displayed yet
1/10/2020 changes:

- Fixed "gaps in white dots" that recently appeared in Streetview lookups
- Fixed crash when matching up with another rider in an open-ended ride
- Fixed blue parts of images when switching out of Comfort Mode
1/13/2020 changes:

- Optimized gap fix to reduce network bandwidth
- Increased dot loading distance by 10m
1/15/2020 changes:

- Fix Create Ride search issue
- Fix bike missing after a long break from the game if matchups are enabled
- Fix hang on MEMBERSHIP VERIFIED if sensor goes to sleep on setup screen
2/20/2020 updates:

- New City Mode to reduce distortion, primarily in cities
- Projects Streetview images onto solid building geometry
- Overlays roads to cover up distorted cars
- Always flat to avoid elevation errors

- Tilt Steering option on the Quest, to turn with just your head like the Go
- Flipping through Comfort Mode now doesn't reset your stored viewpoint
- Fix recentering offset when you were turning at same time
- Rename "Ride From Start", "Ride From End", and "Resume Ride %" for clarity
- Show "Reverse Direction" on open-ended ride pause menu
- Make options clearer with "Trainer: None" instead of "No Trainer"
- Don't ask twice for mic permission
- Exit button on More menu
- Support Oculus controller buttons in addition to VZ Thumb Controller
2/20/2020 quick fix:

- Fixed light color and shadow direction computed from sky in City mode

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