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VZfit Explorer updates
9/4/2019 changes:

- Fixed trainer scale
- Fixed long rides without trainer
- Reask for registration code after login error

Sorry for the inconvience everyone, and thanks surfous for the report. I had thought our in-progress multiplayer work was disabled, but didn't disable it enough for the trainer.
9/16/2019 changes:

- Two player support!
- Fixed crash if user doesn't accept mic permissions, however you must still accept them to play
9/17/2019 changes:

- Fixed crash in Options after enabling matchups
- Smaller fixes related to matchups
9/19/2019 changes:

- Fixed "joining network" hang for brand new accounts
9/29/19 changes:

- Counteract framerate loss due to Go firmware/plugin mistmatch
10/19/2019 changes:

- Improved framerate more on the Go
- Fixed rare crash reports

These aren't the distortion fixes you've been looking for, but make the Go a lot more playable when battery gets low!
11/14/2019 changes:

- New path loading algorithm
- Fixes cases of being stuck on path with no white dots
- Minimizes image loading to improve performance
- Jump over parts of directions that don't contain Streetview samples

- Better tracking of white dots and virtual motion over hills
- Fixed case of white dots persistently heading off road
- Added "Enable/Disable Highways" option to Create Rides
- Always disallow ferry rides

- Fixed logging in with different account
- Smoothed bike animation in first person
- Fixed outlines on distance and trainer text

This doesn't include the big distortion fixes we promised, but we're making progress you can see here. Also these changes set up our upcoming ability to make totally custom rides.
11/17/2019 changes:

- Build for 64-bit to meet upcoming Oculus requirement
- Fix unintentional recentering when putting headset on after transitioning back to setup mode
- Fix missing bike after timing out of Photon network with Matchups enabled
- Fix jumping to sections of no images until you get to the last image that's loaded
- Login with sensor/bike ID after restart if logged out
11/19/2019 changes:

- Fix for a path loading crash
- Fix for matchups with very long paths
11/22/2019 changes:

- Support for new VZ Button

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