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VZfit Explorer updates
Watch this thread for build updates of VZfit Explorer, on Oculus Go & Quest

The Oculus headset should ask you to update VZfit Explorer automatically, or you can do so immediately from Updates section of your Library.

Please post what you like or is broken to the Responses to VZfit Explorer updates thread.
2/28/19 changes:

- Improved framerate
- "Search Tips" on the Find Ride menu
- Fix Recent Routes across restart
- Restart you at last location
3/5/2019 changes:

- Make keyboard easier to read
- Improved projections
- Reverse direction button quits menu
- Automatic shadow direction and rider lighting
- Only accept searches with paths (not single destinations)
3/9/2019 changes:

- Added male & female trainers and 5 workout (Interval, HIIT, Heart, Tabata, Touring). Select them in the Options menu to turn your tour into a workout.

- Demo Mode to recenter and reshow riding tips to each person that puts on headset. Select in the Options menu before passing around to friends.
3/14/19 changes:

- Slow down trainer in turns so you can follow
- Separate shadow for trainer
- Easier turning at intersections
- Tighten up framerate further
- Adjust rider speed with VZ Sensor to match VZ Bike
3/19/19 changes:

- Fix "tilt head to steer" help on Go, show "lean to steer" on Quest
- Warn player they need to be online to play Explorer
- Better handling of trainer if they get too far ahead
3/22/19 changes:

- Fix player position after pausing in demo mode
- Fixed a boundary collision bug
- Additional crash reporting to VirZOOM
3/24/19 changes:

- Teleport trainer when changing ride locations
- Fixed a crash bug
- Alternate between address and lat/lon in menu faster
4/2/19 changes:

- "New" indicator when we add Suggested Rides
- Demo mode bug fixes
4/4/19 changes:

- Fix possible trainer crash

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