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VZfit Play updates
8/22/19 changes:

- Reduce startup time by 4 seconds
- Fix glitches in River Run due to non-pooled instantiations
- Improved rubberbanding in Racecar levels
- Remove "no speech" icon from Racecar best-lap ghost
- Indicate to users in main menu when other users are ready to play head-to-head
- Fix Jailbreak running out of city sections after about 30 minutes
- Fixed when playing Event and not showing up on Event results (rare)
- Can now inflict damage by stomping on tanks with Mech
8/27/19 changes:

- Fixed issues with glitch-reduction technique in Heli
- Fixed secondary issue causing Jailbreak terrain to run out
8/30/2019 changes:

- Fixed crash to play offline
10/17/2019 changes:

- New Cali Rally cycling level
- Restored and improved framerate on Go
- 3rd person view options in cycling levels
- Mph option in cycling levels
- Fixed multiplayer wins on for Gate Race and cycling levels
- Closer AI tanks in Winterstan multiplayer
- Fixed labels in Racecar multiplayer
- Fixed heli missile spawning in later levels
- XRHealth integration
10/18/2019 changes:

- Smoothed Cali Rally road in some places
- Fixed Pegasus skin peeking through power meter on her back
- Fixed gem-related crash in Pegasus
11/21/2019 changes:

- Fixed further River Run spawning issues
- Fixed ammo crates overriding bonus ammo in Tank
- Fixed ability to run off edges of Winterstan
- 64-bit build to meet upcoming Oculus requirement
- Prevent problem updating Event leaderboards
- Fixed falling out of tunnel in Cali Rally
- Cleaned up Cali Rally roadway
- Rename DEMO to TUTORIAL on main screen
- Prevent "shout" menu when hitting dpad on VZ Bike
- Support for new VZ Button
11/26/2019 changes:

- Fixed crash when launching Explorer
- Fix non-colliding buildings in Winterstan
12/2/2019 changes:

- Fixed rare crash when button falls asleep
- Fix for sideload build
12/4/2019 changes:

- Smoother motion of remote players and AI
- Keep remote cyclists on top of road
- Fixed small lighting issues in Cali Rally
12/12/2019 changes:

- Fixed inadvertent hole in Cali Rally in last update
- Fixed Winterstan terrain seams
- Fixed Winterstan pockets where AI could get stuck

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