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VZfit Play updates
5/13/19 changes:

- Fixed lighting issues in Pegasus canyon
- Added Giant Mech unlock for Thunderbowl
- Fixed avatar reflections in shell for Quest
5/23/19 changes:

Head to Head improvements
- Fixed several bugs with Giant Mech upgrade
- Display your current "streak multiplayer" on the Tank and Mech
- Support for new head-to-head Events, which tally your wins
- Added Voice Chat in head-to-head games
   - You can toggle off in Options->Voice Chat
   - You'll see a "no mic" icon above other player unless both of you are enabled

- Remember your avatar upgrade selections across Play sessions

- Restored ability to lean forward to dive in Heli on Quest
- Conversely provide the ability to dive with B button in Pegasus on Go
5/26/19 changes:

- Finish fix for Heli lean-forward-to-dive on Quest
6/13/19 changes:

- Winterstan Tank level
- Fixed extreme left shooting with Mech
- Respawn at opposite ends of Thunderbowl in head-to-head
- Can launch VZfit Explorer from Options menu, without going to Oculus dashboard
- Save progress right before headset battery dies
6/18/19 changes:

- We've made bonus gems into ammo for tank games, so you can now restock up to 10 ammo every 5th wave. Note you're allowed to go over your capacity, i.e. a tank could hold 30 ammo if you started with 20. There's still only extra coins, not ammo, if you collect them all because ammo conservation and always moving toward crates is part of the game!

- Ammo gems were regular height in our testing, but I made the hitbox taller so you'll get them even if passing under. We also couldn't repro them going over rocks, so hope if it does happen it's an infrequent occurrence.

- Fixed a couple areas in Winterstan where lighting on your tank would go dark
6/21/19 changes:

- Fixed crash in Curvy Race
7/11/19 changes:

- Support for VZfit Free membership, with limited game access
- Change waiting period for multiplayer from 10 to 30 min
- Fixed Mech walking sound when stopped
7/12/19 changes:

- Fixed showing more than 8 events per screen
- Fixed occasional problem resetting to black screen on long timeouts
7/19/2019 changes:

- Moved "Launch Explorer" to Play main menu
- Better Mech stop animation & sound
- Fixed Mech fireballs seeming to fall short in multiplayer
- Fixed Mech aiming cross against sky
- Fixed AI gender variety in Le Tour
- Tuned stars for Race games based on leaderboards

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