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Button Gamepad no longer pairs. Help!
I've been using VZPlay daily since January. The button gamepad has always been flaky. Very frequently you have to press the button several times to get a shot fired.

I've changed the battery once when it ran down. Everything was OK until this afternoon.  Couldn't get it to link with anything.  I unpaired it from the Oculus app and then tried to repair it. It's not sending a signal.

I referred to the online version of the setup instructions which show a button gamepad that has a pinhole and some writing on the bottom.  My button gamepad is plain, solid with no writing.

I'm down and need a new button gamepad.



Hey Wally,
These are probably the instructions your looking for. We have two buttons out there, one with a bluetooth symbol in the middle and an older one that does not have that symbol. All the links on our site should take you to the new one, but a google search may result in the wrong one.

Have you sent in a support ticket yet? can help you go through the steps to repair and test the button, and if it doesn't work replace it for you.

Side note here is that in one of our recent updates we enabled game play with the Oculus Go and Quest controllers so you should be able to play while we sort out the button issue.

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