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I don't use VZ Play all that much. Just got "Cycled a Marathon"

Any thought about adding badges for accomplishments in Explore? It might be nice to get occasional recognition for these accomplishments there as well.

When I finish Japan (only 100 miles left!) I'm seriously thinking about biking all the way from Eastern Russia near the Pacific Ocean through Europe to Portugal on the Atlantic. I wouldn't mind earning some of those badges as I hit milestones along the way. 

Another consideration might be earning badges for completing certain routes. For example, complete all of the Tour de France  stages and earn a Tour de France badge.
Bump. Is this something others might enjoy too?
Sorry thought I replied earlier! We are totally planning on Goals for Explorer, and also turning things like our UFO Hunt into proper Events.

We also want to show lock state and percent completion on like we do in the Play game. Most people probably don't even know there's a Goal section in its Pause menu, in addition to the popup notifications you get!

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