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2 issues
I have had trouble with the batteries on both the sensor and the controller. I am all ready to start, and the software won't go. Taking the offending unit apart, pulling the battery, and putting it back in often works. (Really irritating, though. Those cheapish plastic parts are not fun to repeatedly take apart and put together.) (And, yes, I swapped out the batteries that it was shipped with.)
Sometimes, restarting your software also works, so I try that first.

2nd issue -- I created a ride through London, and before I was finished (28 minutes), my Oculus Go overheated. I usually ride for 30+ minutes, so I was really surprised. Could it be because the pics were so busy -- so many changes to the scenery? Could it be because I had it on City?

Which brings up a third issue (!) -- the Comfort option has never worked. I can select it, but my virtual bike does not move.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I do love your product; these things would keep me from recommending that my less tolerant friends purchase one, though.

Regarding sensor & controller connection, do you have trouble with both of them, or just one of them? If you continue to have problems please email and we'll help diagnose further.

City Mode takes a lot of performance in dense cities like London, and doesn't perform as well on Go as we'd like. We hope to make it better this sprint by dynamically adjusting the draw distance.

Comfort Mode is working according to your description, just not as you expect! To perceive motion over a road, we have to distort the 360 image as in Country Mode, or draw a virtual road as in City Mode. Comfort Mode doesn't do any distortion, and therefore you don't perceive yourself moving, though you still have to pedal to move through images and lean to steer along them.
Thanks for that info! It's very helpful.
As for the controllers, I have trouble with both of them. I will try to figure out exactly what helps and what doesn't before contacting your support folks.
Okay. Just note the crank sensor and handlebar button connect in very different ways.

The handlebar button must be pre-paired to your headset, either using the Oculus app and adding it as a "gamepad controller", or from the headset experimental Bluetooth menu. You can test that it's connected even outside of our games by pressing the +/- buttons which should change headset volume.

You do not pre-pair the crank sensor, it connects dynamically when pedaled when one of our games asks for that. Before you launch our games, note that when you rotate it along its edge, it's green led will flash for 5 seconds to indicate it's trying to connect to our game. When it connects to our game the flashing will stop to save battery.

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