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GearVR Support

I purchased a VirZoom sensor kit from you back in December expecting to be able to use it with my Samsung GearVR.  I learned later that the current version of your product is not compatible with GearVR.  I plan to eventually purchase an Oculus Quest, but it has been unavailable for months, and Amazon is not shipping any non-essential goods anyway due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there any version of firmware that I could get that would enable my VirZoom to work with my GearVR for now?  We are worried that quarantine will be put into effect in our state soon, and the ability to use VirZoom would help us out a lot.

Thanks in advance.
Hi djackal,

Oculus itself has officially ended support for the GearVR, and their last couple of SDK releases explicitly don't support it. VZfit supports the Go which is the replacement for GearVR and still available most places for $149. I know you don't want to buy that but you'll have to be quick if you want a Quest. We've seen it become available a couple times in the past month only to be sold out again within a day.

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