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Thumb controller not responding
(03-20-2020, 04:19 PM)emalafeew Wrote: We happen to be testing other bluetooth media buttons now, and whether they provide instant response after long periods is one of the factors we're looking at.  Will provide a report when we have it, may help your use case.   We technically work with any bluetooth media button, if you turn it so that "previous track" is our A button.

Thanks. My Oculus Go controller is small enough that  I don't mind using it for now. It's just a minor annoyance...I don't expect everything to be solved... If it was always on... and had to be shut off after use, others would be complaining about the shorter battery life. If you had a bulkier battery, folks would be complaining about how the controller is too large...  I doubt there is a solution that will ever please everyone. 

Quite frankly, this controller works fine with the Play app... it is very unobtrusive, easily fits on my handle bars... and is quite intuitive.

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