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VZfit on a recumbent
I originally set up my VZfit on our spin bike with my Quest. I haven't been cycling in a few years and the minuscule seat on the spin bike caused much discomfort after about 20 minutes. Also being hunched over while leaning to turn on the Quest wasn't the best experience. I felt I was leaning quite a bit to execute turns, especially in the tank game. I thought a recumbent might be more enjoyable.
I just finished assembling an inexpensive magnetic resistance recumbent exercise bike I bought online and tried the setup with my Oculus Go. What a difference. This bike is much more comfortable and unlike the spin bike, this one coasts. Seeing as the Go only tracks rotation, a small head tilt is all that's needed to turn. I see myself spending a lot more time on this new bike.

Thanks for the great tech,

Nice! Recumbents are very comfortable, and the free spinning wheel would make it much more realistic.
Note we're adding a "tilt steer" option to the Explorer update (any day now) and will also add that to Play, for people like yourself that prefer to steer with only head motion.

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