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How to follow a route
I gather I’m missing something obvious, but... When I try to follow a user-created route (including anything I’ve created using Google Maps), there’s no way to distinguish the route dots from other dots that just seem to indicate roads that are available to travel upon. Is there a way to color code the dots for a specific route, or to turn off dots that don’t apply to the route you’re trying to follow?
Hi editortom

When following any pre-made ride you should only see white dots for that specific route. At intersections you may see a few dots not in a straight line coming from Google cars rides that went across it from your direction. But you shouldn't be seeing dots extending down multiple roads unless you are creating rather than replaying a ride, and even then only if it has an open-ended destination so we show the dots down all the roads you could turn onto.

Would you mind sending us some screenshots or a problem location, either to here or The quickest way to do that is from your Oculus share menu with private post to Facebook.

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