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stat reset
Is there a way to reset my stats?
The easiest way would be to create a new Vzfit account at, then switch to using that account in vzfit Play and Explorer. Your original account is still needed for billing but all your new stats will go to your new account.

Just curious, why would you want to reset your stats? We hadn’t thought of making that easy without a new account.
Now that the 2d android app is working so well, I'll need to open a second account for my daughter ... So far I haven't tried to get her on the bike, but I reckon she'll enjoy once she gets started so an account of her own would be best so she doesn't throw my stats off.

She'll only ever use my bike on a Sunday when she comes over for dinner, but if she gets herself a kit and a bike of her own then she can open her own account etc.
Note she can make a free VZfit account now to have her own stats, if she's using your VZfit Sensor Kit.

If/when she gets a Kit herself she can then add it to her account and signup for her own membership.

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