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Strava Integration
Something I've done for years is upload my biking activity to Strava. The little kudos I get from my biking friends makes me feel really good about completing rides. Zwift let's you upload your rides to Strava and shows the GPS coordinates of where you rode. For example, on Zwift I rode through London last week and it showed up in Strava with the exact route I took. Tonight, because I know VZfit is compatible with Fitbit, I linked my Fitbit account and imported my VZfit data. I was hoping to then upload my Fitbit activity to Strava only to find out Strava requires GPS coordinates and the file I downloaded from a Fitbit is lacking such. ? Is this something you could potentially add in the future? Or maybe I'm missing something. I don't mind pulling up another app to record my activity but it's cumbersome and I really like my support group on Strava. It would also be a very cool conversation starter when people ask what trainer or system I'm using!
We once had Strava integration with the games that became VZfit Play, but that wasn't as good a fit as VZfit Explorer would now be. We hear the interest so can look into reestablishing that and uploading coordinates you've traveled.

Note we can't guarantee your virtual speed will match actual biking (see the recent forum thread about speed), do you think that would be an issue for Strava community, or is it enough to be in the ballpark? Also is it clear when rides are uploaded from Zwift that they're from trainers and locations you're not actually?

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