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Lean sensitivity?
Is there any way to adjust the lean sensitivity?  I'm on the Oculus Quest and it feels like I have to lean quite far to make it respond, far enough that it gets on the edge of motion sickness.  Even better would just be the ability to have an option in the cycling games/Explorer where you didn't have to lean at all.

Also, music streaming in Explorer like Play would be awesome!
These are both on our radar, thanks for adding your votes to them!

To your first request, we are planning to add a "Tilt or Lean" option on the Quest. "Tilt" would behave like Play/Explorer work on the Oculus Go, which makes steering following the sideways tilt of your head from vertical, rather than the sideways position of your head from your bike. This is our only option on the Go because it doesn't have head position tracking.

We've always used head position tracking when available because it feels more natural to most people, and lets them shake their head a bit more without steering. But we know that tilt steering works fine and doesn't require any lean, which feels better for some people, and could also make VZfit playable in the dark!

To your second request, we've been meaning to add it for a while and would just add about 0.5 Mbps of network bandwidth, so shouldn't be a problem for most people alongside of streaming images with Explorer.

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