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Explorer 2D for phones and tablets
Is there any chance the smartphone app can get fixed as I'm currently paying 9.99 a month for something I can't use. I understand your primary focus is on the VR app and the Oculus side of things which is fine but if you're not actively developing this Android app or it's going to be weeks between updates etc (vs the VR version) and I am not able to use it in the meantime, then I may as well cancel my subscription.
We're finally done with the main Explorer release and related hotfixes, so right now is when I'm fixing the 2D build. Sorry for the wait.
This is now fixed at the original link.
I tried this app now and at the beginning everything looks fine, but as soon as it says "joining network", the app closes.
Is this a known problem?
I tried it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 and Samsung S20 Ultra.

Thanks for your effort and stay healthy, Niko.
It's still working on my Pixel. Will charge up Samsung S8 I have to test there
Works fine on the Samsung S8 too. Do you have the 10/6 build? It will say the date below the VZfit Explorer logo on startup
First thank you for your quick answer ?

Yes, it is the 10/6. It is really strange that it does not work on both devices.
Samsung S20 Ultra is on Android 10
Samsung Tab is in Android 8.1

I forgot that I have a 7" Samsung Tab in my car too. I will pick this up tomorrow and will test it if it works on it. I will let you know then.

Best regards from Vienna and stay healthy, Niko.

OK, I was too curious and decided to take the tablet straight out of the car (even it is cold out there Wink ).
This older Samsung Tablet runs on Android 6.1 and can not parse the apk package. Unfortunately that's all of my Android devices I have (except the Oculus Quest 2 of course).

Best, Niko.
It seems there is no answer anymore, so I think I will cancel my membership.
If it is just usable on VR, it is too expensive in my opinion.

Best, Niko.
Sorry Niko, I can't do much without a repro, and our 2D build is really an extra benefit not meant to replace our main offering in VR.

We're super busy on that now so I can't ask you to dig further. I can say that Android 7 is the minimum required, and my Pixel is running Android 10 so that's not the problem.

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