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Explorer 2D for phones and tablets
Excellent, I'll try it on both devices this morning.
Okay. Sorry but real life got in the way for a couple of days ...
Just to be sure, I redownloaded and installed the latest build to both my S6 and S8. I had intended spending 15 minutes testing the app on both devices ... I have even considered side-loading it to my Quest out of curiosity.

Anyway, I'm afraid there still appears to be a memory issue. Using only my S8, I got a 3m 38s ride along my own created route while casting my phone to my TV. Once again, the app closed down.

I then tried again, but this time without casting to my TV and got exactly the same result.

I didn't bother to try the S6 because I assume it'll have the same issue.

The build I currently have installed is 1/18/2020 on both phones downloaded from the link in the first post about 1 hour prior to this message.
Thanks again Auld. The ways in which I should be able to tell when the app is low on memory range from not working to fiddley. I picked the best one and tuned it to work on our Pixel phone and Samsung tablet, but think we have an S8 here to see why that doesn’t work. Hopefully will find a surer way. We’re focusing on other improvements for Play and Explorer so might not get back to this until next week
No problem ... The very first update you had to correct the issue worked ok on the S8 if I remember correctly, the problem only showed up on the older S6 then and you said at the time that it probably wouldn't work with older phones. I can happily work with my S8 using that earlier update which, sadly, I didn't keep a copy of.
I still think it's a great idea to have the app but I still think the bottom section of the HUD which displays the remaining distance and the time needs a grey background, it's very difficult to read against a cloudy sky.
Thanks. In VR you’ll see that the distance text has a grey outline for just that reason, but it’s not thick enough to help on phone because the apparent resolution is higher. It may be come more visible when we enlarge the HUD on phone, or we can make it thicker for phones
That sounds good ... I know I'm a pest, but is there any chance you could put the 2nd update back up ... The one immediately after your first mention of a critical error in memory etc.

That version worked ok on the S8 ... I actually prefer the app now because of the autosteer, casting to my TV and keeping my VR facemask sweat free.

Thanks in advance if you can get that update posted.

I tend to get a bit warm when on the bike because:
1. I'm fat.
2. My Quest has a BIG battery zip tied to the back of the strap.
3. I have headphones zip tied to it too, I detest the earbud type headphones.
I'll have something up for you today!
Many thanks.
Ok I've put up another version that should be smooth AND not crash on the S8. It has a build date of 1/28/2020 because it's in UTC time.

I tested with an S8, and confirmed that the memory thresholds I'd used with the Pixel and Samsung tablet were too low for it. I'd be curious if it works with your S6 as well!
I'll let you know in the morning ... I'll test it on both.

Once there is a stable version again on the S8, I am going to try sideloading it to my Quest out of sheer curiosity ... Needless to say, I'll let you know if that works too.

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