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VZFit Play Stuck on Tutorial
Hi, I can't seem to get any of the games on VZFit Play to work. Everytime I select a game, it gets stuck on the tutorial, telling me to lean left and right to steer. It seems stuck on that screen and no matter what I move or click, nothing happens. I'm using an Oculus Quest and VZFit Explorer works fine.

Hi, I was somehow able to resolve this by using the app while I was off the bike to go through the tutorial. For some reason, this worked and allowed me to move through the tutorial.
We only show that leaning tutorial once until you’ve gotten through it. To get through it you need to lean right so that your person matches the blue ghost, then lean left until they match again, then look up at the menu button until it highlights with the yellow dot and press A. You might have gotten stuck on that last step, but we felt it was important to learn that to know how to bring up the menu in any game. Glad you got through it!

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