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Tell us about yourself

Am 28 year old medical resident. I often dont have the physical or emotional energy to head to the gym or get on a consistent exercise regimen.  I used to be an avid fitness enthusiast/recreational sport athlete in college but that dropped off somewhere in the beginning of medical school. I gained 60 pounds since and entered a state of depression. A large part of my identity was that I was a fit athlete but I felt like studying during medical school and then the rigourous life of being a resident has made that difficult. With VZfit, I feel like working out is fun for me again.  I like to keep track of my heart rate with a smartwatch and I am always surprised how I can consistently keep myself in a moderate to vigrourous intensity zone for an hour. The games dont make it feel like I'm exercising because I am having so much fun, a feeling I feel that I havent had in almost 5 years. I look forward to exercising when I come home and the competitive side of me can't wait to climb the leaderboards. It also has me watching what I eat and adopting a weight lifting regimen so I can have better performance in the games! I would just like to say thank you to all the creators for this. I am more hopeful in regards to my overall fitness and can't wait to see how this company evolves and what plans you have for the future.

Thank you again.
Welcome aboard. Thanks for sharing your story, that's exactly what we created VZfit for, and we're excited to keep extending it for everyone. A bit of fun exercise a day has a way of keeping your mind on healthy things!
Hello Everyone

I'm 57 years old and need to lose a few pounds. I was considering going the Peloton route and buying the bike and paying the $35 a month fee but was hesitant given the cost and the possibility I might not really use it. When I heard about VZFit I jumped onboard and ordered an Oculus Quest, a cheap stationary bike with a nice big cushiony seat and started riding. I've been at it for about a month and really love VZFit. I average two rides a day either playing a game or riding in explorer. I can't wait to see what VZFit comes up with next. Thank you for creating this. It's the first time I've owned an exercise bike that didn't end up in a closet after two weeks :)

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