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Explorer distance bug on open-ended rides
If I create a ride with a starting point, but no ending point, I've noticed that my distance goes up more quickly that it should. If I end a ride and save it, the ride will have the actual distance. What seems to be happening is that the trip odometer in open ended might be measuring in kilometers rather than miles.

I did a ride from my hometown to a neighboring town which is a 7 mile (11.2 km) ride, and my distance in miles was closer to 11.2 when I'd gotten there. 
Another ride I did read about 39 miles while making it, but when I'd saved it, it was 24 miles and change. 24.2 mi (39km) is the actual distance between the start and end points of that ride..

I know there may be other reasons for the discrepancy, but it seems coincidentally close enough to the distance in kilometers that the distance being displayed in the wrong scale is a plausible explanation.
You're probably right but there's a factor for miles in that calculation. Should be easy to determine and fix whatever the cause, thanks for pointing it out!
This should be fixed now. We didn't see a discrepency for short rides, but for longer rides (over about 2 km) we found an error related to the way we prevent floating point values from becoming imprecise.

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