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Distortion improvement progress
(12-13-2019, 09:11 PM)emalafeew Wrote: At the pace of our tuning and optimization it should be ready for early January release.  

Here are two 360 comparison videos going by the Eiffel tower on a boat.  The "new" video is with our projected images, the "old" video is with our morphed images.  Drag your mouse as they are playing to look in all directions.


This comparison highlights that where an image doesn't have depth information, it appears frozen in the old method.  So the first benefit you'll notice is the water moves naturally in the new method, because Streetview rides along rivers and hiking trails don't have depth information except right under the path they travel.  The second benefit you'll notice is the tower actually moves relative to the boat, because Streetview rides don't contain depth information outside of 100 feet, and the tower in these shots is over 500 feet away.

In a future comparison we'll show other benefits of the new method, such as no "stretchy" areas or broken up horizons, as well as some places where you'd want to keep the old method.

Sincerely good luck on your recovery sypder!
Scary thing is that I was riding an exercise bike when I had the heart attack (not doing VZfit though).

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