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VZfit Explorer update feedback
I fixed a server error that affected Explorer's ability to store user progress on Rides with non-ascii characters.  Sorry Simonator and Kisrita!
Still shooting for this Friday update?
It's out now
(06-25-2019, 01:48 PM)emalafeew Wrote: 6/25/19 changes:

- Fixed crash due to overaggressive saving!
- Fixed remaining issues with saving progress
- Limit your max speed when your direction isn't along the path, to help with tight turns

Excellent.  I haven't had many issues the past two days. Occasional map glitches, but nothing major, it seems to soon recover. My issues with resuming rides seem to be addressed.
That's great to hear!
Good idea to give Limited free access! People can try it.

I have a suggestion for Virzoom to try to do some really scenic routes 3-D camera filming to achieve very smooth explorer rides. Personally I would ride that kind of route multiple times if the views are stunningly crispy and smooth.

Good idea to give Limited free access! People can try it.
We've toyed with the idea of filming our own 360 rides, but note that riding through them you'd have less control over your camera path than we currently allow. That control is related to our VR comfort tech, as well as giving you the freedom to make your own routes. We'd also need a bigger budget to fly to interesting locations, and convince nobody else to drive on them when we are!
Thank you Eric for responding so quickly. I thought this is just an idea.

There are some very disruptive changes to the trainer that have come along for the ride with this latest build. I rely heavily on the trainer in HIIT workouts, so what's happened is game- breaking for me.

When starting a ride w/ a trainer, he/she is no longer rendered next to me, but either in miniature or under the road (though not obscured) at about my 11 o'clock position. I am using the standard first-person view, no monoscopic, no comfort mode.

After climbing a hill, the trainer may be elevated to be on the road (normal), but stuck in a slightly downhill position as if doing a reverse wheelie on the front wheel (decidedly abnormal). Once in this state, the trainer cannot keep up with me at regular speeds. When they fall behind, I look back and see the trainer text in GIANT letters bearing down on me.

At no point now does the trainer look as if they are riding with me, but rather floating near or below me in unrealistic ways.

I cast my Oculus quest to my phone to get some screen grabs which I can share, though they aren't nearly as dramatic as experiencing these issues in VR. I can't seem to attach these to this post from my phone.

Please consider rolling this latest release back, or at least the parts that have given the trainer an uneasy relationship with the virtual road.

(09-03-2019, 11:00 PM)emalafeew Wrote: 9/3/2019 changes:

- Fix bike sometimes not moving at start
- Fix playsession logging for freemium players
- Handle authorization failures better
- Use tabs rather than buttons on Find Ride screen
- "A" button now rings bell (in preparation for multiplayer which is half done!)
Yikes I'll fix ASAP

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