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VZfit Play update feedback
Oy. We'll get back to Play improvements after this week's Explorer release.
Did an hour and a half of helicopter yesterday. Definitely better performance now. Thanks for fixing!
Almost perfect. The only time I get the problem is when I shoot a missile‘s and then immediately want to mark the next targets, it doesn’t mark sometimes. But it’s not that much of a problem, at least I don’t get penalized for that. I mean my score doesn’t drop to five or 10 points.
Great! We'll look into that bug and the others reported after wave 5 this week
I keep checking my fitbit and it doesn’t synchronize well with Virzoom. Today I did Winterstan battle with Eric for almost an hour and I have only three minutes counted on Fitbit. Some days it does well and I have complete work out counted, but some days only couple of minutes registered instead of 45 minutes or more.
Thanks I'll recheck that as well

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