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Need clarification on how to install VZfit on Oculus Quest
I'm interested in buying a VZfit for my Oculus Quest and decided to do some reading to get everything ready. I could not find a clear place in your website that has the instructions for installations on Oculus Quest. Based on your video at I figured that the app still in Beta, thus users must install them by invite only.

Please correct/add any information in the instructions that I gathered below.

Setup and Install VZfit Thumb and Pedal Controllers
  1. Open Oculus App
  2. Press GEAR icon and connect App to Quest
  5. Select PAIR GAMEPAD
  6. Press and hold for 5 seconds the PAIR BUTTON on back of thumb controller
    * Place the controller close to the Quest* You will need a paper clip or tiny screwdriver* When blue light flashes, pairing has started
  7. On the Oculus App, select SETACHI MEDIA BUTTON
  8. Attach Thumb Controller to bike's handle bar
  9. Install battery on Pedal Controlle
  10. Attach Pedal Controller to bike's pedal
Register your Controllers to your VZfit account
  1. Create VZfit Account at
  2. In your confirmed account, click REGISTER SENSOR KIT and add your "Sensor Kit ID" (included in with the Controllers)
  3. Enter payment information for monthly or yearly charges.
Install VZfit Apps to Oculus Quest (as stated on the top-right of your VZfit Account[][/url]
  1. Email with your Oculus Account email.
  2. Wait for response.

My questions...
  1. After I send the initial email, would Support add the VZfit apps to my Oculus accounts for me to download to my Quest?
  2. Any plans to have the Apps in the Oculus Store so the user can add them once they have a VZfit Sensor Kit?
  3. Is there anywhere where this instructions are posted/written?
Hi, happy to answer your questions.

1. Yes, currently we add you to a release channel where you receive an invite for each app via email from Oculus
2. Eventually yes, but we currently don't fit nicely into Oculus policy because we require external hardware to use our apps. We've had good discussions with them recently about this and believe we'll have a better solution soon.
scroll down in the apps shop on smartphone or ipad....all the way down, now you will see both apps, click free and it changes to purchased, then put vr goggle on and download them....done

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