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Suggestions for Future Updates
I don't see anywhere to put suggestions so I figured I'd make a post of some improvements that could be nice to have:

  • Hand tracking
Allowing for hand tracking would make getting into the explorer quicker with less breaks when trying to figure out how you want to ride and with what options.

  • Have a google map on the left hand
When looking at the left hand, have it open up a map that has the route you've gone so far and the locations around you, this way it wouldn't impede your workout

  • Send data to fitbit/strava only when the ride is finished
Currently, if I stop for a moment to get a drink, or for whatever reason have to go outside of VR, the data is sent to Strava and it acts like I've finished. Not the highest priority, just would be nice to have my ride as one activity regardless of breaks.

  • Hand tracking shortcut for snapshots
Take snapshots without having to go into the menu or hold a controller. Could setup the pose beforehand, or just have it be random poses.

  • Hand tracking for turning
Instead of tilting/leaning, have it so we can put our hands up like we're riding, then turn them to go the direction we want to go

  • Adjust tension based on whether going up/down hill or level
Some bikes (like one of the peloton models) have automatic tension adjustment based on info sent to the bike. It would be awesome if the app could increase/decrease tension based on whether going uphill or downhill.

For those bikes that don't, an alert to increase/decrease would be cool too, though you kinda have that already with how the avatar gets up and starts pushing harder, but you can only see that in 3rd person.

That's all I can think of right now. Loving the app though and how it interacts with Google Street View.

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