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I didn’t mention you also have to pedal fast enough while the wings are out, in order to lift off. Same is true for helicopter, which is always ready to fly without holding the A button.

If your Pegasus is walking rather than running that’s not fast enough to lift off.

The lift off speed at difficulty 5 is around 70 pedal rpm, just a bit higher than 1 Complete pedal revolution per second. If you pedaling at least that fast you should lift off. Make sure your sensor is mounted with the flat side vertical on your pedal crank, and rotates doesn’t just move a full 360 degrees per revolution. Note that means it won’t work attached to a pedal rather than crank.

If the sensor is working but that seems too fast to pedal, then lower your difficulty which is displayed above the HUD. That will increase your virtual speed with lower amounts of pedaling, to suit different types of workouts.

Sorry for your frustration hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. The more information you can share the better.

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