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Any Full-Year Subscription Plans? Or Trial Period Included With Sensor Kit Purchase?
Obviously not asking for myself, since I'm enjoying the privilege of a lifetime Hardware License.   But I'm curious, and this would be good to know when promoting VirZoom to friends.

Question 1:  Will there be any kind of discounted Full-Year subscription plans for the hardware license?  The option to save money with a long-term commitment might be attractive to some people, and ensure they keep getting back on those bikes, to get the most out of their subscription.  On a single-month subscription, someone might be tempted to take time off between subscription periods.  Presumably the reason a lot of streaming video services started offering longer-term plans,  but with exercise it might be harder to get back into once someone has decided to stop.

Question 2:  When someone buys a new VZ Sensor Kit, does it come with any sort of Trial Period,  IE a free month or so of hardware license?   I think that even a single free month would improve the perceived value (Or rather, NOT having a free trial period raises the perceived initial cost of the product to $115.  Probably not a big deal, but consumers can be real finicky when it comes to perceived value).   It would definitely put the purchaser's mind at ease, knowing they have a period to see if they like using VZ Fit before they commit to a subscription.   Might also make people slightly more inclined to buy the kits new rather than second-hand, when available.

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Any Full-Year Subscription Plans? Or Trial Period Included With Sensor Kit Purchase? - by CrashFu - 03-26-2019, 09:05 PM

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