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LeTour bugs / glitches
Losing speed when drafting:    I remember this bug from the last time I played, back on VirZoom Arcade.   Sometimes when drafting another rider, my speed slows down to a maximum of ~64, regardless of how fast I pedal  (and with the RPMs clearly visible in the overhead menu, I know my pedaling speed is being tracked correctly).   As soon as I break out of the draft, my speed rockets up to the appropriate level for how I'm pedaling.

Overhead Menu Disappears when Emoting:  After sending an emote or a speech blurb, the overhead menu disappears for a while. I assume this is so that you can see your own emote / blurb when it goes up into the air, but I couldn't see them anyways.  Either way, the menu could stand to reappear a bit sooner.

Speech Blurbs Mirrored in Menu:  !olleH  !tsud ym taE   !tuo kooL   ...  *ahem* All the text is mirrored horizontally in the speech-blurb menu.  Tongue

When you go off course, you REALLY go off course:   Just to see if it was the same as in VirZoom Arcade, I tried biking off-road.  Sure enough, after a few seconds the view faded out and it reset me (and all the NPC bikers in front of me) ... but instead of being placed gently back on the road, it put me and the NPCs slightly UNDER the map, lol.  After that point we were stuck in an endless cycle of falling for a few seconds, getting reset back to the same point underneath the map, and repeating.   Pretty funny, actually, but not very conducive to finishing the race.  Wink

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