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Online Leaderboards
(06-04-2019, 08:22 AM)Superlith Wrote: Will it track regular head to head encounters or only on the events?

It tracks regular head-to-head encounters as well as events.  We hope people use our forums and the VZfit Community group on Facebook to find others to challenge.
That sounds great!
Do the Leaderboards ever reset? If I recall from the PC days, it would reset weekly. The version as current seems to track overall cumulative. If you're just starting out on VirZoom, you'll be in the doghouse as compared to the veterans. I say that though having gone from dead last to #3 in the 2.5 weeks since I've had the Quest. I can see value in having both a cumulative spins total, but also weekly. I think the high scores on individual games could remain as is as there's not really a time component associated with them.
I agree with Officespaced. It would be great to have weekly points count on each game. Same as we have on the old system. Reset every week.
The leaderboards as currently implemented definitely aren't cumulative. It's the best score ever recorded at each session duration, per player. I think with resetting you'll still see the same expert players quickly at the top of the list.

It sounds like what you want is a set of regularly running events.
Really no events necessary, just to keep track how you are doing on each particular game Weekly.
If you think that expert players will discourage others, then make harder to see it to everyone. Those who want to see these type of leaderboards will find.
Make it fine print, put the link to these weekly leaderboards somewhere in the corner or in the bottom.
Only those who are interested will find them and access the information. But we really need these weekly leaderboards for each game. Huge motivator! And sadly it is not available now on the vzfit.

You don’t have to reinvent anything. Just instal the same leaderboards that is on old Virzoom. It is designed perfectly! I loved how it worked.
Best would be to see your ranking right after you finish on Oculus. I thought that was the way on old Virzoom. Need to have positive feedback to see if you moved up on the ranks.
I really miss weekly leaderboards each game. It was real Motivator to exercise.
How it was set on old Virzoom was perfect .
Now you are just peddling without any purpose. When you check your ranking after each session makes total difference!
Resetting it every week helps and you start every week from scratch and you have to work hard to stay with good ranking.

You can put unlimited time category which I would really like to have again. Rankings would apply only to unlimited time category for guys who like to pedal hard and long. That would satisfy us who are really into Virzoom
I can try changing our all-time rankings to weekly rankings for the 45 minute period. VZfit games were designed for uninterrupted workouts for the time period you have, which applies to most people's workout schedule. Reverting them all the way back to VirZOOM Arcade is not in the cards, but maybe this will satisfy weekly competitors.

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