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HTC Vive Port Using The SDK?
Hi, would it be possible for a user to make a port of the Explorer app for use on the HTC Vive using the SDK? I understand your primary focus is on the Oculus platform which is why I am wondering if I were to make a port that would work with a Vive would that be ok and if it's even possible? It's not for any commercial reason, just for my own personal use I wondered what is required to port the app over for use with a Vive. I'd still be paying my monthly subscription but would be able to use the software in VR as oppose to the 2D app I am using now or having to get an Oculus headset.
Sorry but that's not possible at this time.

We'd love to be all the VR platforms, and indeed were on the PSVR, Vive, Rift, Daydream, and GearVR with our original VirZOOM Arcade product & bike.

However we found it was impossible to keep those updated on a monthly basis with our small team with all the testing and release management that's necessary. So we decided to strictly focus on Oculus mobile headsets (which use the same build) in order to use our time to make features and improvements instead.

As you know, we're also trying to keep an experimental 2D build up-to-date, but only because it uses the same Android architecture as Oculus mobile headsets. It's also not meant to be the sole reason for a subscription, as we're not focused on making it better for non-VR.

To be clear it's not a matter of the SDK supporting the Vive. Our games already use the SDK, and the SDK already supports Vive. But there are other platform-specific factors beyond the SDK that take too much time to address with our current team size.
Thanks for the reply, it makes things a bit more clear as to the reasons behind not supporting all VR platforms. I don't mean to sound like a broken record keep going on about wanting support for the Vive or using the 2D app, I just really like using the app and as I already own some VR hardware, don't really want to buy another just for this app as I doubt I would play anything Oculus-specific as most games are also supported on other platforms. Plus I don't really want to use FB and I don't think you can just have an FB account lying dormant just for the purposes of signing in to Oculus (I do have an old Oculus account which I used for Samsung Gear VR but I don't know if I can still use that or would have to migrate over to FB?).

Anyway, I just thought I would check to see if it's something that could be modded by third parties similar to how other games can be and often have additions provided by the community.

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