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VZfit Explorer Feedback
look forward to giving it a spin. Any timeframe on release?
We've got all the features in for release and are testing now. Goal is to be out by Friday
Looking forward to try it also
We may be able to get it out tonight or tomorrow. We're also thinking Comfort Mode might be the best way to explore cities, while our regular full motion with morphed scenes is best for countrysides.
Sounds good. will be keeping eye out for update.
I tried the "Carmel by Sea" ride this afternoon. With no options, it has you cycling into traffic, which seems odd.  About ten minutes in, I changed options to Reverse Ride.  That fixed the traffic issue, but then by mileage progress started counted backwards, as well as percentage completed. That continued until Mileage hit 14.7 and Progress hit 0% then it just stopped. I quit and restarted ,but same behavior.  Is that expected?  I changed rides to "Mohelno, Czechia" instead, which worked as I would have expected.  

I'm glad the trainer reminds me periodically to "Keep Breathing..."  It certainly would be sad to have found I've expired next to my bike as I forgot to breathe!
Yes. If you ride the same direction the Google car went, you'll be moving with traffic. If you ride the opposite way, traffic will seem to backup from you. Our suggested rides can contain Google cars paths from different days, so the whole path doesn't necessarily match traffic.

When you begin a ride, the system sets the start point and end point based on your choice of "forward" or "reverse". The mileage left and percentage complete in the HUD are relative to the end point, so when you chose to "Reverse Direction" mid-ride they started going backwards.

Try restarting your ride with "Ride Reverse" to see behavior you expect!
Just tried a ride with Monoscopic view on and couldn't tell much difference between when on and off. The comfort mode is much better as it doesn't have the distortions with close objects, but I kind of miss the feeling of actually riding down the highway. Guess will probably use this mode most of the time until something better comes along. Thanks for the options and listening to feedback. Also, thanks for ability to switch back and forth between Play and Explorer without having to leave the apps.
Sure thing! The Monoscopic difference is subtle, it basically removes the 3D effect to seem more like a movie, which helps some people with the distortions.
I think the distortions are based on the way Google does the street view. If I use street view from within Google Earth and move down a street fast enough, I can get the same morphin images as with the Explorer.

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