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VZfit Explorer Feedback
(01-14-2020, 12:02 AM)Stain2319 Wrote: Not sure if this is on your radar already but it would be nice if a ride always made sure you were facing the next white dot at the very beginning. I created one (Strada Provinciale) and when I first rode it, I thought something was wrong/stuck. Turned out the dots were 180 degrees behind me and I had to turn all the way around in order to get going.

It’s definitely supposed to work that way. Can you describe exactly how you made it and then rode it?
So I made a whole bunch of rides over a short period so I cannot remember for sure whether I made the route using my phone or my PC, but the process I used for this one was:

- Go to
- create a new map
- search for "Strada Provinciale"
- picked a random spot near what looked like a fairly empty location (not too much city) and did a "Place a new point" operation on the map and placed a point in the road
- picked a random spot some distance away - not really any particular distance, just kind of estimated a good long distance
- did another "Place a new point" operation on the map and placed another point on the road
- highlighted both points and hit the "Directions" button which created a 'Directions from Point 1 to Point 2' layer
- exported that layer using the usual KML method
- went into Explorer, Explore Rides->Created and selected my ride
- chose "Ride Forward"

I haven't tried it yet a second time - I will later today - but when I did this I started out facing some kind of brick wall. I looked all around and saw the white dots almost directly behind me.
One thing I can see is the beginning of your "Strada Provinciale" ride doesn't have Streetview coverage. Explorer will normally jump forward over sections without coverage, but it may not jump forward if the start of the path isn't covered. I'll try to make it handle that.

In the meantime, you can confirm that the rides you make have Streetview coverage by going to and select your ride from Menu->Your Places->Maps. Then click the person icon at bottom right of map to show Streetview coverage.
Not sure if this is a known issue but a couple of times today I was doing open-ended rides (putting in a start address but no end address) and ran into an area with apparently bad street view coverage - I got 'jumping to next location' but instead of jumping to a new location it put me into a black screen/void. I couldn't see the compass so I couldn't get out of it - I could ring the bell on the bike and hear pedaling noises but couldn't get out of the blackness. Had to quit the app entirely.

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