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Our next update
(04-06-2020, 11:52 PM)GoMyFly247 Wrote:
(04-04-2020, 12:09 PM)emalafeew Wrote:
(04-04-2020, 02:17 AM)GoMyFly247 Wrote: Do we have to re-install the app in order to get the update, or will it detect that there's a new build and ask us to update?  I found that the app is working better on my Oculus Quest so far vs. the Oculus Go for the turns, but I just appreciate your team has designed something that makes stationary cycling fun again.
I was also wondering if there were any plans to integrate heart rate sensor compatibility with your app.   I'm using a Keiser stationary bike that has a bluetooth display and it works with my existing heart rate monitor and though that would be cool to integrate that into your VZFit app.

Also, although I also have a Fitbit, I prefer using my Apple watch to track my activity so I wonder if there's any plans for Apple Watch compatibility in the future so that it ties into the Apple Health app.  I realize these are wish list items that take a while to develop and test, but just thought I'd put it out there if there's a way to poll the data from the Apple watch (heart rate info) back into a VzFit app to gather the data if you allow permissions that way.

The update will be automatic like other Oculus apps.  If you leave your Oculus headset in standby while charging and not completely off.  If an update is released when the headset is on, you will see it in the Updates section of your Library to install manually, and if you run the game the headset will ask if you want to update it first.   Let us know if you have any trouble!

One of your sensors (the cadence or the speed) is registered with VZfit.  If you find you want the other one, because they have somewhat different behaviors, email and we'll be happy to reset it.

It's in our backlog to show bluetooth heartrate.  We already do so in our HUD for the VZ Bike, where heartrate is part of the same bluetooth connection, but we don't yet support multiple device connections.

Fitbit and iWatch don't broadcast heartrate, and we can't add workouts to Apple Health directly like with Fitbit.  It may be possible to write an iWatch app that reads your heartrate, and could send it to our game display, and also read back from our game to update Apple Health.  A little research shows this is how Zwift Companion app does it.  A real companion app is on our list and may be worth it, but for now "" is our companion app that works on all devices, that just can't access device-specific behaviors


Hi there,

As feedback, I tried out the updated app and indeed, it works much better now.  Thank you for updating the app.  I was able to link my Wahoo cadence sensor and decided to temporarily disconnect my Wahoo speed sensor so that there wouldn't be a conflict between having two sensors linked at the same time.   The good news is that now when I start up the app on my Oculus Quest, it detects the cadence sensor without me having to always re-register the bike.  After reading your previous replies, now what I am doing is setting a start location and leaving an open ended destination instead and having the reverse direction option is much better.  

Another thing I wish was available would be a mini-map so I could tell where I am while on an open ride, with a pop up window (similar to what they have in the Wander app), and perhaps the ability to have a quick graphical map summary at the end of my ride of so I can see where I've been.

I was also discussing the VZfit app with my other friends with Oculus headsets and they wondered if you would ever make a variant of your app for treadmills.  The idea would be that you could link a pedometer sensor to your app so that so that people could virtually walk around their neighbourhood without having to leave home (which might be perfect during the COVID times).  For safety purposes on the treadmill, you might need to have an auto direction/steer option so that people don't fall off their treadmills if they try to lean to turn however.   Anyhow, I think there may be a new for you there for the treadmill enthusiasts.

Another friend wanted to try using a recumbent bike with the Vzfit app, and I think it should work ok, because you would still just attach a cadence or speed sensor to the pedal, and if you lean or tilt your head to steer, it would still give you similar results versus a regular stationary bike.

The latest updates you've provided really improved the user experience for the Explorer rides, and I'm looking forward to the future updates that will have the integrated music panel and radio stations as well.   Keep up the great work, and thanks for letting us use our own 3rd party sensors, that's awesome Smile
Recumbant bikes work just fine. According to our super formal ongoing facebook survey almost 33% of our users are on recumbant bikes.  We have tested treadmill usage and have not found anyway to not make it at all safe.  Even with auto steering and such you tend to move your head... then move your feet.. then not be on the treadmill anymore. I still want to try it on my gyms assault runner, when I can get back in the gym, since they do not have a self moving belt.

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