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loading problems in Explorer
I've been having frequent poor performance  in Explorer since the first May update. I got stuck three times today during my hour ride and had to switch to a different ride to proceed.

Almost immediately when I start the view from the horizon down goes really blurry and then shifts to a really psychedelic streaky pattern and then I kind of go off the edge into solid blue. Today I turned on city mode just to try to get through my hour. City mode helped but it was still blurry from the horizon down all the way around me for the whole ride.

I've been using Explorer regularly for a couple months now and I would have the occasional problem loading in the past, especially when the headset power gets low but I definitely feel like it has gotten significantly worse lately.

I have been loving this app and have told all of my family and friends about it but today it was literally more trouble than it was worth.
So you are still seeing white dots be generated, but the images aren't keeping up with you? Things will definitely get weird and finally go to blue if that's the case.

What's happening is that Streetview is not delivering images to you. It shouldn't be a matter of power but indicates a possible temporary issue with networking.

- If you sit still for a while do they ever catch up, or never catch up?

- If you go on and click through the X's on the ground in the same location do they keep up with you?

- The next time this happens can you launch the Oculus browser in headset, does say you can download faster than 3 Mbps?
Thanks for the tip to try running a speed test through the headset browser. I don't know why that never occurred to me. By using that for troubleshooting I was able to improve my wifi connection and I had a flawless VR ride in Ireland this morning.
That's awesome super glad to hear you got it resolved!

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