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VZfit Play updates
Watch this thread for build updates of VZfit Play, on Oculus Go & Quest

The Oculus headset should ask you to update VZfit Play automatically, or you can do so immediately from Updates section of your Library.

Please post what you like or is broken to the Responses to VZfit Play updates thread.
3/12/19 changes:

- Fix glitch when creating new AI Racecars
- Fix occasional collisions with ghost Racecar
- Make gates more visible in Pegasus levels
- Fix z-fighting on parts of Pegasus road
- Use B to dive in Helicopter on the Oculus Go (you still lean forward to dive on Oculus Quest)
- Adjust speed in games with VZ Sensor to match VZ Bike
- Fix sometimes frozen avatars in shell
- Adjust tutorials for different controls between Go & Quest
3/18/2019 changes:

- Fix occasional screen flash in Le Tour
- Make racecar ghost times read like finish times
- Fix head-to-head players looking at each other
3/22/19 changes:

- Fixed heli scoring bug and framerate glitch
- Fixed a racecar collision issue
- Additional crash logging to VirZOOM
3/24/19 changes:

- Fixed Le Tour end after 10 gates
- Fixed lighting bug in Le Tour
- Fixed rare crash bug
- Fixed Pegasus sinking into ground in some areas of valley
3/26/19 changes:

- Fixed glitch when starting songs
- Fixed Le Tour lighting
- Readded horse's mane to Cowboy
- Better crash reporting
4/2/19 changes:

- Fixed gates beyond 50 in Le Tour
- Fixed multiplayer leaderboard edge case in Tank
- Balanced Deadeye powerup in Tank
- Add horse's mane in Cowboy

Sorry for another download but the first helps the Pedalsephone Event.
4/4/19 changes:

- Fixed distance-based Goals
5/3/19 changes:


- As an incentive to master each game, you can now upgrade your game Avatars based on the total accumulated coins you've earned on them
- For instance, if you play Gate Race for 1000 coins followed by Gem Hunt for 2000 coins, you'll have 3000 coins on Pegasus
- Under each avatar in the main menu you'll see an Upgrade button
- Your coins unlock upgrades you can select and see immediately on your avatar, and in multiplayer games with other players
- Some unlocks are cosmetic like Flags for the tank, others can improve gameplay like Homing Missiles for heli
- now shows your unlocks as well as goals

- Original VZ Bike owners will see heartrate in the HUD
- There's now an option to lower the HUD
- Added goals based on estimated calories (Jelly Donut etc) and pedaling on highest difficulty (Empire State etc)
5/5/19 changes:

- Fixed cadence display
- Fixed heartrate display on VZ Bike

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