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Lotus Pond game
(03-26-2020, 06:28 PM)Shon_T Wrote: Have your developers considered more social networking/multiplayer type of games?

Yes, but my response got long enough that I created this new thread

For this thread, I want to reiterate that Lotus Pond does have gameplay, and you can prove your mastery to everyone by 3-starring it. See how many stars you've gotten for each time period in the Play game and your page.

You can check out anyone's stats (unless they make it private) by clicking on VZFIT STATS under their name in these forum posts. You can also click on people's names in the Game and Rider leaderboards on and in Event leaderboards on
I was a little indifferent at 1st, but then became to love it...its one I can quickly adjust my bike tension to depending on what kind of work out I want and it still mentally fits because those things IRL go nowhere fast even pedaling fast lol What would make it SO much better is if the boat was stereoscopic Wink
YAY! I found out last night that Lotus Pond had been added to the games list!  Stuck in my New York City apartment during the corona virus outbreak, getting Lotus Pond was like a gift.  THANK YOU  Big Grin

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