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Couple requests
Hi guys,

I've got a couple of requests that would hopefully be pretty easy to implement but would help with keeping track of my workouts better, and might be useful to others. They might even already be present but I've not figured out how to use yet!

1) Is it possible to search how many spin cycles I've done by month or year? I set myself a goal of 240,000 spin cycles in 2020 which is around 5000 a week. Two thirty-minute sessions. However, I am having to remember to add each workout and spin count manually on a Sticky Note on my phone as I don't see a way of tracking how much I've done using the usage stats here? I'd love to be able to compare months and see how I'm faring in March compared to January for example.

2) This one is a real peeve for me. When I use Explorer I would like to repeat some of my created routes and try and improve my times. But I find the clock on Explorer starts counting as soon as I load a level rather than when I actually begin pedaling. What happens is I load my ride up, then click to select a trainer. Then I program my bike to set up a 30-minute rolling hills or hill climb workout, then I set up my Fitbit for a 30-minute cycle workout. By this time there's already a minute or so gone on the clock and I haven't even started yet!
This means I can't race against myself as the clock isn't accurate. Would it be possible to have the time start on Explorer routes ONLY when you begin pedaling?

3) Following on from that, with the time being accurately recorded could the time be recorded somewhere so that if I repeat a ride I can challenge my old time. I have some rowing software for my Concept 2 called RowPro that I have used for years, and it uses a split every 500 meters to let you know how many seconds + or - you are ahead or behind of your previous times. If every 500 cycles or so it flashed up how far ahead or behind I am of my best time that would an excellent way to motivate myself to push harder.

4) Another similar idea that I think would work well especially on Play on the oval and curvy race tracks would be programmable pace cars. Again, using Rowpro you can set up a row with pace boats and select their 500-meter pace. So let's say you want to do 5000 meters at a sub 2:15 pace you program a pace boat for that pace and make sure you stay ahead of it.

On the race tracks it would be great to be able to program a race car to complete laps in a certain time limit, say 50 seconds per lap over a 30-minute race, and each lap you get told how far ahead or behind you are. That way users could aim for a 1 second faster average lap each race, maybe even half second increments. The race cars at the moment seem to race at defined speeds and your own ghost car obviously keeps recording your best lap, but I find the best lap time unhelpful for long rides. If I'm racing for 30 minutes I am definitely not getting anywhere close to my best lap speeds by the end compared to where I started, but a pace lap would be an average speed that I know I need to maintain over time and distance to hit my goal. Then I could work to incrementally improve the pace time each workout.

Hope these ideas might be useful to others too. Basically I want more accurate and effective ways to measure my progress and set personal targets!
Thanks for the suggestions!

1) You can see how many spins you've done every day at, but we're looking a way to represent that by week and month as well.

2) Finding one clock behavior to satisfy everyone has been tricky, so we're thinking of allowing users to customize it, as well as other things about the HUD in the future. I believe it now represents the time Explorer has been running since you put the headset on, so if you have a limited amount of time when you start exercising, you can hop off when that time has elapsed. But can definitely see the use in restarting it for each level, and then waiting until you've started pedaling, for time comparisons

3) Yes! We'd love to add this to Explorer rides.

4) Programmable opponents would definitely be a power feature. Right now, as you beat your best laps, you'll get more and faster racecar opponents. The idea was to ramp up to your abilities.

5) Good point. The ghost car representing your best time per lap is a bit vestigial, for when our racecar games ended when you couldn't beat it. So it encouraged you ot pace yourself for longer workouts, which could also work for now. But if you have one great lap early we can see it doesn't motivate as well as an average.

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